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Forelson - Welcome to the game

Hello.  My name is Daniella Elson, and I am the founder of Forelson. Like I imagine many of you have also experienced, I found the women's golf clothing options to be somewhat limiting and nowhere near as extensive as the menswear offering.  My limits were truly tested when I went to a large golf store, only to find they didn't stock any womens golf clothing.  This is when I realised change needed to happen.  I took it upon myself to start something dedicated to women golfers of all ages, sizes and abilities.  The amount of enthusiasm and support I've received when speaking about this idea to other golfers, friends, family - even strangers, made me realise there was a need for it. 

Forelson has been a work in progress for almost 2 years at the time of writing this blog.  It's been a journey full of excitement and fun, but not without a few moments of anxiousness and nervousness along the way.  

At Forelson, we really believe that quality is paramount when it comes to anything - especially the clothes we wear.  It is so important to have versatile, staple items which can be worn to make up a variety of different outfits.  We want people to wear the clothes with pride, knowing that each detail has been thought through by women and each style has been worn and tested by women. 

Our first collection features some staple items - we're starting off with a selection of carefully chosen pieces which we want you to wear again and again.  We want you to keep coming back to us because you can rely on the quality of the garments - it's that simple. 

We really hope you like the clothes our team have worked so hard to create. We are always open to feedback and suggestions, so please drop us a message at: if you would like to say hi. 

We can't wait to see our clothes on your course.

Daniella Elson



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